EWC is grateful for the financial support provided by:

The Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers (Finland)
The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society-UK
The Swedish Writers’ Union
The Society of Swedish Authors in Finland
ProLitteris (Switzerland)
The Swedish Association for Educational Writers
Sanasto, the Finnish Authors’ Copyright Society 

The European Writers’ Council elects its new board 2017-2019

The EWC held its annual general assembly on 11 and 12 June 2017 in Barcelona.
The elected members are as follows:
EWC President:
Mr. Gunnar Ardelius,  writer, president of the Swedish Writers' Union
EWC Vice-president:
Ms. Gerlinde Schermer-Rauwolf,  Germany, translator, member of the German Writers’ Union
Regular Board Members:
—Mr. Tiit Aleksejev, writer, president of the Estonian Writers' Union
—Ms. Janne Rijkers, Legal Counsel, the Dutch Writers' Guild
—Ms. Ruzica Cindori, poet, Secretary-General of the Croatian Writers' Association
—Ms. Nicola Solomon, Chief Executive, lawyer, the Society of Authors, United Kingdom