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The Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers (Finland)
The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society-UK
The Swedish Writers’ Union
The Society of Swedish Authors in Finland
ProLitteris (Switzerland)
The Swedish Association for Educational Writers
Sanasto, the Finnish Authors’ Copyright Society 

the Asociación Colegial de Escritores – ACE – Spain joins EWC

We are delighted to announce that ACE was ratified as a new full member on 11.06.2017 at the 2017 EWC Annual General Assembly held in Barcelona.
The Asociación Colegial de Escritores - ACE was constituted in 1977 in Madrid, Spain.
ACE has three autonomous organisations:
—ACE Traductores (Book Translators’ Association)
—AAT Asociación de Autores de Teatro (Spanish Playwrights’ Association)
—ACE Andalucía (Andalusian Writers’ Association).
ACE has approximately two thousand members all over Spain, the European Union, and Latin-America, constituted by authors writing in Spanish.
For more information: http://acescritores.com/