EWC is grateful for the financial support provided by:

The Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers (Finland)
The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society-UK
The Swedish Writers’ Union
The Society of Swedish Authors in Finland
ProLitteris (Switzerland)
The Swedish Association for Educational Writers
Sanasto, the Finnish Authors’ Copyright Society 



Nowadays the EWC sends Breaking News alerts, e-News, and announcements of EU institutions publications (reports, Communications, Resolutions, etc.) as these are made public or as they happen. These communications are sent directly to EWC members across Europe.

The Newsletter/Bulletin d'information was published three times per year to inform our members about trends and developments concerning the EWC's main issues, with results of special activities, resolutions, position papers and future projects. 

EWC Newsletter III - December 2008 (PDF)

EWC Newsletter II -  October 2008 (PDF)

EWC Newsletter I - September 2008 (PDF)


EWC Newsletter III - December 2007 (PDF)

EWC Newsletter II -  September 2007 (PDF)

EWC Newsletter I - May 2007 (PDF)


EWC Newsletter - 2006 (PDF)