Conference Resolution of The third European Seminar on Public Lending Right (March 2006)


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The third European Seminar on Public Lending Right (PLR):
Madrid, 23-25 March 2006

Conference Resolution:

The conference strongly supports the efforts being made by the European Commission to enforce correct implementation of the Directive in several established Member States. The conference now urges the Commission to set a clear timetable for implementation and to take legal proceedings where governments fail to respond.  

We welcome the inclusion in their PLR legislation by several countries of a requirement for ‘equitable’ remuneration, and urge the governments of all States to take this as a model for their own legislation.

The conference applauds the establishment of PLR systems in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia. The conference also recognises that since the Rome meeting some steps have been taken in several of the other newer states towards PLR legislation. However, intervention by the Commission is now required to remind candidate States such as Romania of their PLR obligations under the 1992 Directive.

In particular, the conference urges the government of the host country Spain to immediately take positive steps to implement the Directive and respect the rights of the creators of one of the major literatures of Europe and the world.

Finally, the conference and the EWC – on behalf of authors and creators across the EU – demand that the Commission provides them with an opportunity for full consultation in the discussions leading to the establishment of the European Digital Library under the i2010 initiative to ensure that their legitimate rights are fully taken into account.