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Resolution of the XIX European Writers’ Congress

Amsterdam, 6-9 October 2005

The XIX European Writers’ Congress in Amsterdam in October 2005 urgently appeals to the Commission to recognise the supreme importance that the EWC attaches to the maintenance, protection and improvement of Authors’ Rights.

Further the EWC expresses its dismay at the threat that the introduction of doctrinaire competition law poses to the collective rights of authors and translators.

The intellectual property rights of authors is a core competence of collecting societies/collective management organisations and we wish to stress our opposition to the undermining effect that the growing emphasis by the Commission on the competitive market has upon that competence.

That competence should be supported and strengthened, as should reproduction levies, an essential tool for revenue collection on behalf of authors.

We therefore call upon the Commission to consult with the EWC on all issues which affect or potentially affect authors’ rights and revenue in advance of any recommendation or legislation being brought into force.