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Resolution of the XIX European Writers’ Congress

Amsterdam, 6-9 October 2005

The XIX European Writers’ Congress, meeting in Amsterdam in October 2005, urges those EU Member States that have not yet implemented the 1992 Lending Directive, to take immediate steps to establish Public Lending Right systems as required by the Directive,

Recognising the efforts of the European Commission to challenge those EU countries that have failed to implement the Directive, or have implemented the Directive improperly – for example by excluding public libraries,

Therefore asks the Commission as a matter of urgency to:

a) clarify the wording of the Directive, especially article5.3. and to strengthen the authors’ spielautomaten online position by narrowing the possibilities for exemptions, and
b) take tougher action against those Member States that have failed to implement the Directive, so that authors throughout the EU may have equal opportunities to benefit from PLR.

In urging this action, the EWC recognises the importance of cultural diversity and the rights of governments to have flexibility to establish PLR systems that meet their own national priorities so long as authors receive genuine and equitable remuneration.