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The 1992 EU Lending Directive requires all Member States – both old and new – to

a)recognise in law the exclusive right of authors to license or prohibit the lending out of their works, or
b)at least provide remuneration for lending.

The progress of Member States in meeting these requirements was the principle topic at the second major European conference for authors organisations in Rome, 24 – 25 September 2004, at which 20 countries were represented.

Delegates applauded the good progress made towards establishing PLR systems in a few countries since the first (such) PLR conference in London in October 2003.
However, delegates were concerned that little or no progress had been made in a number of Member States. There was recognition of the efforts of the European Commission to challenge these countries over their lack of progress, and over their lack of real implementation of the Directive’s provisions.

The conference asks the Commission as a matter of urgency to:
a) clarify the wording of the Directive, especially article 5, and
b) to take tougher action against those Member States which have failed to implement the Directive so that authors throughout the EU may have equal opportunities to benefit from PLR.

Furthermore, the Conference deeply regrets the failure of particular Member States to implement the Directive. It therefore urges the governments of those States to take immediate steps to establish PLR systems as required by the Directive.